We know you want to learn more about the distance and home-based education, so we have provided a list of the most commonly asked questions. If you don't see the question you would like answered, call or send us an email. We're here to assist you.

Is there a Kindergarten Program?

We are proud to announce the addition of Kindergarten (Early Childhood Services) in our Hope Homeschooling program.

  • child may be enrolled  if she/he will be four (4) years & eight (8) months of age by Aug 31 of that school year. 
  • Alberta Education funding available to parents is $450.

What is the youngest age allowed to register in grade one?

A student must be five (5) years & eight months(8) of age on or before Sept 1 of the current school year to register in grade one.

What is the oldest age allowed to register in grade?

Must be younger than nineteen (19) years of age as of Sept 1 of that school year.

Students older then nineteen (19) years of as of Sept 1 may choose to enroll with a tuition fee.

Is there a Special Education Program?

The Inclusive Education Program (Special Education) is available only to students enrolled in a Teacher Directed program with Administration approval. Alberta Education does not fund Inclusive Education programs for students in the Parent Directed program.

Is there an Early Literacy Program?

The School of Hope has a progressive Early Literacy program designed to encourage successful reading. Struggling readers can enter the Early Literacy program in grades one and two. Ask your Teacher about the Early Literacy resources. There is access to level readers and an online reading program.

Will my child miss out on socialization and extra-curricular activities if they home school?

Absolutely not! Socialization means learning acceptable behavior in various situations and relationships. Children can participate in sports teams and be involved in all types of community and church activities. The School of Hope and Vermilion Home Schooling programs offer workshops and field trips for interaction with other students and teachers.

Can I receive an Alberta High School Diploma?

Of Course, YES!, students who complete the Alberta High School Diploma requirements will receive their diploma directly from Alberta Education. The School of Hope courses follow the Alberta Program of Studies leading to an Alberta High School Diploma. Vermilion Home school students, who cover the Alberta Learning outcomes, can receive credits and work towards a high school diploma. Their Facilitators can assist with this process.

Is there a Graduation Ceremony for students?

The School of Hope and Vermilion Home schooling has a Celebration of Learning ceremony. All grade 12's, who will be finished, or are nearly finished their studies for an Alberta diploma, or have used alternate curriculum, may attend our ceremony.

Does the School of Hope organize International School trips?

Yes, once you have registered please contact the school for information.

Do I need to be Catholic to register with the School of Hope and Vermilion Home School?

No, although we are proud of our Catholic faith, we believe there are many ways to get closer to God.

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