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Dual Credit

What are the benefits of DUAL CREDIT COURSES??

  • Student Success: Students gain the confidence to succeed academically in a post-secondary environment
  • Innovation: Students use the latest education technologies which prepare them for the technological workplace
  • Convenience: Students learn what College Instructors expect while still in familiar high school surroundings
  • Did you know that taking ED120 qualifies you for a $2,500 scholarship to study Early Learning and Child Care in college? Check out this website for more details.

  • It is now possible for students outside ECACS school division (non-primary students) boundaries to enroll in distance education dual credit courses offered through the School Of Hope in collaboration with Lakeland College located in Vermilion, Alberta.

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Gas & Heavy Oil Instructor - Rick Roberts

What do students have to say about DUAL CREDIT courses?

  • "The days that I took the course I looked forward to coming to school."
  • "I like how it gives me the option to see if this is something I would want to do."
  • "It's helped me want to become something great!"
 Lakeland College  

What DUAL CREDIT courses are available?

The following Lakeland College courses are available:

  1. Play
  2. Introduction to Heavy Oil & Gas
  3. Health Safety and Nutrition
  4. Introduction to Esthetics
  5. Introduction to Soil Science
  6. Environmental Sustainability
  7. Basic Energy
  8. American Sign Language
 Dual Credit Instructor  

Who can apply for DUAL CREDIT courses?

Grade 10, 11 & 12 students

What does it cost to enroll in DUAL CREDIT COURSES?

Nothing! There is no cost to students! Click here to find out more about Lakeland College's Dual Credit programming.

How are DUAL CREDIT COURSES offered?

  1. Participate in live online classes
  2. Listen to pre-recorded lectures
  3. A combination of both options above
 Play Instructor - Sheri Garnier


Fall 2021 Application Package Please Email: dwayne.coffey@ecacs16.ab.ca

 Vice Principal  

For more information please contact:

Vice Principal - Dwayne Coffey
School Of Hope - East Central Alberta Catholic Schools
Phone: 780-808-2196
Email: dwayne.coffey@ecacs16.ab.ca

 Vice Principal - Dwayne Coffey  dwayne.coffey@ecacs16.ab.ca
 2021-22 Dual Credit Brochure

2021-22 Dual Credit Program

Dual Credit Program

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