School of Hope has truly changed our lives for the better! Not long ago I was struggling trying to decide whether to make the switch to a new school, or stay at my son's prior school. It was a hard decision to make to say the least. Once we took the leap of faith, everything changed. We were welcomed with open arms. My son made friends fast, and actually enjoys going to his classes and learning every day. The teachers and staff are so helpful and wonderful. They really seem to know what they are doing and have so many wonderful learning resources for students. It truly feels like an in person school with the teacher directed online program. We can't wait to continue our School of Hope journey in the years to come!
Thanks again! 
Megan Domoslai


School of Hope has been a Godsend for our daughter!  Since attending School of Hope, our daughter has: Enjoyed going to school again; Looks forward to going to school; Strives to stay ahead in her school work; Is at the top of her class academically; Doesn't believe that school, teachers and students are all bad and against her.  Our daughter has restored faith in schools and teachers again all because of the staff at School of Hope!  Thank you School of Hope for restoring our families faith in the schooling system; you are TRULY the BEST!!!  May God continue to shine his light on you all!
Kind Regards,
Michelle Bennett

Grade 12 Student:
As you know several months ago, I completed my courses and I would like to reach out to you and thank you for all your help. It feels extremely good to be finally done, but it would have never been possible without your support and encouragement. Through the struggle of my homeschooling journey and that I faced I have learned to give the struggle to Christ and let Him use it to refine me.  I am thankful that God blessed me with such incredible teachers, you do an amazing job of teaching and keeping things interesting. Thank you for all that you do.


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Dear SoH Staff,
Thank-you for ALL that you do! Without you, EVERYTHING would fall into chaos and ruin. Please remember that you are at the heart of giving children an amazing educational experience, and you keep the H.S. Mama’s sane and supported.  Thanks for being AMAZING!
Tressa Herbert

I have been with School of Hope for going on 5 years. I am in the teacher-directed program. My children’s education is so important to me, I didn’t think I would have the skills, patience or knowledge to homeschool them. I was very intimidated, but School of Hope provided me with everything I needed; the curriculum was easy to follow, parent guides, answer sheets and anything I didn’t understand, the teacher was a phone call or email away. My children have thrived with the help of School of Hope teachers, resources and support. I have appreciated this program. The blackboards are so helpful, my girls use them daily. The teachers are so encouraging and helpful, always willing to do private blackboards if needed. They really do go over and above for you.Thank-you School of Hope for providing such a solid education for my children and helping parents like me see that I am capable of home education.
Stephanie Hassett

The three programs offered by School of Hope (traditional, blended and teacher-directed) have allowed our family the freedom to customize our schooling to meet the specific needs and learning styles of each of our nine children. Over the last 10+ years of homeschooling with School of Hope, this has also allowed me, as the homeschool mom, to receive as little or as much support as I have needed as we transition through the many seasons of life. No matter which program a child is in, there are always many excellent, inexpensive field trips and workshops offered by SOH. These are great opportunities to enhance our studies and provide a safe and fun time to be with other children. We also love all the educational online subscriptions that SOH provides with our registration. We look forward to another year with School of Hope.
Carole Kirk
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