Teacher-Directed Inclusion

Inclusive Education

The Inclusive Education Program is available only to families enrolled in the Teacher Directed Program. Alberta Education does not fund Inclusive Education programs for students in the Parent Directed program.

The School of Hope Inclusive Education Program offers:

  • Access to teachers with special education training and experience
  • Assistance through learning strategies and resources
  • Modification to a program or alternate resources
  • Assessment by professionals, if deemed necessary by the Inclusive Ed team
  • Support through skill building workshops for parents and students and professional consultation with Special Education teachers

When parents register a special education student, they are required to complete information forms outlining the child’s performance, successes or difficulties and to give permission for student placement in Inclusive Education. Members of the Inclusive Education team review this information and then contact the parent to discuss the child's special programming needs.

Mild and Moderate Program (SOH) Alberta Education Codes (51-59)

Students in the mild and moderate program may have difficulty with math concepts, may struggle to read, or have a mild form of ADD or ADHD. Teachers work to provide appropriate learning resources and teaching assistance for mild and moderate students, or they may modify program expectations and provide accommodations for specific learning needs.

Severe Disability Program (SOH) Alberta Education Codes (41-49)

Students in the severe disability program generally have a medical or mental disability that may seriously interfere with their learning. We are not able to accept students with Severe Disabilities in our Teacher Directed Program.

Knowledge & Employability Program (K&E) Grades 8 & 9 (SOH)

This program combines job experiences with academic studies to prepare students for entering the work force. Job experience is grouped under various work clusters to enable students to gain a related vocabulary as well as some basic work experience. Students work towards a Knowledge and Employability high school certificate.

Gifted Program (SOH) Alberta Education Code 80

Home-based learning can be a wonderful way for gifted students to advance at a pace that challenges eager minds. Our gifted program includes individual programming from Grades 1 to 9 to meet unique learning needs.

Although giftedness can be found in many areas, the School of Hope concentrates on a child's academic proficiency.

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