About Us

Our vision is to enable students across the province to build a personalized educational program to match the uniqueness of their learning needs, their environment,
and their interests. The School of Hope is dedicated to the success of student learning and the satisfaction and growth of our school community.

B. Mission
The School of Hope is a partnership of students, parents, and teachers dedicated to student learning, the celebration of individual gifts, the achievement of educational goals and the realization of personal challenges, to the glory of God.

Our teachers hold certification from Alberta Education and the Alberta Teachers’ Association. Our staff is actively involved in their personal faith community and is
committed to encouraging students to seek and foster lifelong learning by:
•Providing flexibility of instructional approaches to encourage student success
•Building and sustaining relationships with families and students
•Modeling “best practices” of teaching and learning.

“We teach; we share; we learn; we care. We grow in Christ, believing that together we can make a difference.” Alberta Public Catholic Education. © 2024 East Central Catholic Schools. All rights reserved.