Principal Message

PrincipalThe School of Hope is about the freedom to learn. To learn anywhere, any time, in any place through the programs and courses we offer for a variety of students.

Many students and their families choose the School of Hope for our flexible learning environment. Our students are not confined to a traditional classroom or a certain number of instructional hours on a given day. Each student can complete his or her coursework at a reasonable pace and has access to knowledgeable and dedicated teachers and staff to support them along the way.

As a school, we believe that distance education and schooling from home promotes lifelong learning. It fosters a sense of accomplishment in students as well as the opportunity to take a lead in their learning.

Home schooling is a legal provision granting parents the opportunity to educate their children at home. The School of Hope follows Alberta Education’s curriculum, while the Vermilion Home School Program allows families the freedom to set their own program of studies.

Students at the School of Hope do not spend time waiting in lines, waiting for other students to finish their work, or wait for the teacher to move on to a new topic. Our students learn at their own pace, which often gives them time to explore other interests or deepen personal interests in specific subjects.

A recent study from Concordia University and Mount Allison University in New Brunswick has found that home-schooling can provide students with an academic edge.

You have a choice when it comes to your education. On behalf of the teachers and staff, I hope you choose the School of Hope.

Michel Despins

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