Truth & Reconciliation

Terrible wrongs were done to First Nation, Metis and Innuit people. As Canadians, as Christians, as Catholics, when wrong is done, individuals must admit it, and they must apologize and ask forgiveness.  

Additionally, it is important to try to make up for injustices through reconciliation. As such, “The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada” has come up with 94 calls to action to try to do that. Unfortunately, as Canadians, we have only accomplished 8 or 9 out of the 94 calls. 

Today, we took a small step forward on number 59; knowing that many of these calls will take a long time to accomplish, and moving forward, will involve all age groups. Successful reconciliation only begins with each individual learning the issues and trying, in some small way, to create positive change.

We want to thank the student body and their families for supporting “The SOH Truth and Reconciliation” presentation, not only through their attendance, but also with the wearing of orange shirts and their participation in the classroom activities that occurred.   


SOH Staff. 

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